SHINECARES is something new that we are adding to the ministry that will help those in need. SHINECARES gives anyone an opportunity to make a difference and to support the mission of SHINE. For the past 19 years SHINE has been blessed to travel across the U.S. to serve those in need in cities across the country. Often times when we arrive somewhere to help, we find out that they do not have the materials or supplies needed because of lack of funds. Whether it's painting a home, building a wheelchair ramp, or helping a storm survivor, SHINE does what it has to do to provide what is needed.


Since we never turn anyone away, many times we end up paying for what is needed with no questions asked. Now that more and more people are needing more help, SHINE is having to find creative ways to help meet their needs.

One of these ways is through SHINECARES and this what we are trying to do. Through SHINECARES, we are hoping to raise enough money to help fund around 50 work projects next summer as part of the 2019 SHINE Tour. We will be in McAllen TX, Houston TX, MIlwaukee WI, Dulce NM, Boston MA & Burlington VT. With each project having a small budget of around $300, we're looking at $15,000. This will help pay for some or for all materials needed, Please consider giving and may you be blessed because of your generosity. 

Thank you in advance for your blessings and may God continue to bless you.

(Please note: SHINECARES is not a 501(c)3 so please do not use it as a tax deductable gift)       

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