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Now that the summer of '23 has ended, it's time to take a quick breather and to look back at all the awesomeness that took place these past few months. What was that moment that really stood out for you? Was it the time you spent on a mission week watching your teens grow in their faith right before your eyes? Was it the time you and your teens spent together every week at church hanging out and having fun? Was it the time spent together at a youth conference of some sort? Was it the time you and your teens spent at a summer camp or was it the time spent together traveling to and from WYD?

No matter what it was, the most important thing is that it was the "TIME" that you made to help your teens and volunteers grow in their faith. The time you spent together and the memories that were made with them is something that will last a lifetime.

For so many of us in ministry, whether we get paid or not, TIME is one, if not, the most important and rewarding perks of being a Youth Minister.

So as we continue to slowly and carefully rebuild the ministry of SHINE, we want to take this time to say, Thank you for being a beacon of Hope to the young church and for letting your light shine.

As you begin to prepare for your summer of 2024, we invite you to join us for our SHINE 25th Anniversary Summer Celebration! We will be recognizing and celebrating parishes that have been coming to SHINE over the past 24 years.  

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