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Conference Presenters

Friday Nite Concerts


Matt Maher

Matt first played at SHINE back in 2001 and we are super excited to have him back to help kick off the San Antonio RADIATE Conference


tony melendez

Tony has shared his gift of music at SHINE numerous times over the years and we are honored and blessed to have him back once again to share his songs of hope with everyone at the St Louis RADIATE Conference


augie leal

Augie is the founder and director of SHINE as well as the worship leader for SHINE. He and his band will open the concerts in St Louis & San Antonio.




A power trio of siblings who have been part of the SHINE family since they were babies are now young adults who have beautiful voices and will lead everyone in song during both conferences

Conference Presenters



Chiasson a former SHINE Staff member, and will be your Master of Ceremonies for the conference.. Michael now runs one of the largest Catholic ministries in Canada called ALL IN ministries and we excited to have him back.  He will inspire you with his stories and talks




...are one the funniest couples in ministry. Katie, a former SHINE staff member is now a full time mom, wife speaker, & writer who travels all over the world sharing her stories of faith, family and friends. 

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... first came to SHINE as a teen and then as a presenter. Tony is the founder of Project YM which is one the coolest and largest Catholic Ministries around. We are excited to have Tony back to have some crazy fun with everyone. 



gormley a SHINE Alumni and is one of the coolest speakers you'll ever hear. We are excited to have "Gomer" back with us to share his faith and to get you and your teens on fire with their faith.

sr andrew marie a SHINE Alumni and is also a 4th Degree Black belt and a hip jazz drummer. This Ninja Nun will have you laughing and inspire you with her stories of how she became a sister.



...has been part of the ministry since the age of one. Now as a young adult he will blow you away with his amazing close up tricks. Using simple objects along with the gospel, JMA is sure to inspire you through his gift of Magic.  

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