A Purpose Over Profit ministry

Too many times over the years we have seen ministries tear marriages & families apart due to what we like to call profit over purpose . Since 2000, SHINE has managed to do just the opposite by focusing on being a purpose over profit ministry 

What does that mean? Very simply put, SHINE isn't in it for profit. Yes there are financial expenses that that need to be met but that is not why it was created.


The reason and purpose it was created was to bring Catholic youth groups from all over, for a week long retreat style experience that would allow them to grow in their faith through the power of the Eucharist while living out their baptismal call to serve those in need. 

Since day one, SHINE has always offered daily mass, team building, music, fun and games, work projects, Adoration, skits, great food, great staff and on site directors. 

You see SHINE is not your ordinary type of mission week. And that's because It's your "One of a kind" / "Mom and Pops" kind of ministry. At SHINE, everyone is treated like family and that's probably why it has become one of the best Catholic Mission Experiences around.

As SHINE Catholic Work Camp transitions into SHINE Catholic Missions, it will continue to stay true as a POP ministry.

If you and your youth group would like to become part of an amazing POP ministry, then join us next summer as we celebrate 20 years of "being the light of Christ"