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Get ready to take your local mission experience to the next level.  Let SHINE help turn your parish grounds into a one of a kind volunteer village. Get everyone involved to serve those parishioners in need while helping strengthen the faith of your teens, young adults and adult volunteers. There's something for everyone. We will bring everything needed to put on an amazing mission week for you and your parish. From the lighting, sound and video production to the tools and supplies. It can take place in the parish hall or wherever you choose to make it happen. If you have a small parish, consider partnering up with neighboring parishes to create one big mission week!


Options available:

  1. SHINE Week (Overnight for H.S. | College)

  2. HOPE Week (Non- overnight for H.S. / College)

  3. RISE Week (Non-overnight for Middle School)

All weeks take place Monday-Friday


Contact us for details and availability. 

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