Every night at a *SHINE Mission Week there are different theme nights. Invite your group to participate in one or in all of them.    

  • "Tie Dye" TUESDAY

  • "Wacky Sock" WEDNESDAY

  • "Theme Shirt" THURSDAY

  • "Flashback" FRIDAY

*"Flashback Friday" does not pertain to the Holy Family Mission Week

Start making plans to spend your Friday at SHINE checking out and exploring the local surroundings of the *SHINE Mission Week you attend. After our morning Mass you and your group can head out for an adventurous day. Whether your heading to Houston TX, McAllen TX, Dulce NM or Denver CO, there is plenty to see and do

*Since the Holy Family Mission Week ends Friday morning, families can choose to make it a family day or head home. 

If you've ever wanted to be on stage and in the spotlight, then Friday night's at *SHINE are the place you want to be this summer. Here's your chance to SHINE and perform under the bright lights  in front of all your friends. If you have a talent that you'd like to perform don't forget to sign up when you get to SHINE.

*This will take place on Thursday Night at the Holy Family Mission Week.

Have you ever thought about spending a summer traveling and using your God given gifts to help others? If so then maybe SHINE can use someone like you. If you are:

  • At least 19 years old

  • Catholic

  • Someone with a servants heart

  • Someone who's a hard worker

  • Someone who's a team player

  • Someone who's open to new ideas

  • Someone who's fun to be around

  • Someone who believes in excellence 

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