let's get drt-y!

Are you and your teens still looking to serve those affected by natural disasters? If so we are looking for some volunteers to join us in Lake Charles LA to help those affected from Hurricane Laura. We will help our fellow brothers and sisters who are in need of a helping hand. Open to any student in high school or college and young adult.


june 07-12, 2021

Monday - Friday





JUNE 14-19, 2021

Monday - Saturday




Q & A's

Who can come to DRT?

DRT is open to:

  • Any high school student 14+
  • Any college students 17+
  • Any young adult 18+

When does it start?

  • Week 1 will start on Monday afternoon and end on Friday morning.
  • Week 2 will start on Monday afternoon and end on Friday morning

Where will we be staying?

We make arrangements to stay at a local church, retreat center, KC hall or school. But since some of the host facilities are having to deal with some sort of damage, we will most likely stay outside of the area affected and commute daily to and from. It may be 30 min away or up to an hour away. It all depends on where we are going and how far away it is from the area we will be helping in.

How many people will be there?

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and because we will have to implement a social distance plan, we will take no more than 125-150 each week.

Where will we shower?

Again it all depends on where we will be staying. If it's at a retreat center or a high school there will most likely be plenty of showers. If we have to stay at a parish or a school with out showeres then we will make arrangements to shower at a local school or look at bringing in a portable mobile shower unit.

What is DRT?

DRT stands for Disaster Relief Team. It is something that SHINE has been doing for the past 10 years except now it has a name. It is a week long mission experience open to any high school or college age students who are willing to help those directly affected by some sort of natural disaster.

Do we need to have an adult chaperone?

  • If you are part of a parish youth group, there must be 1 male/female adult for every 5 male/female students.
  • If you are coming with a group of college students or young adults 18+ we ask that you bring at least one adult to help with making desicions in regards to travel, transportation, payments, etc.

How do we get there?

You are responsible for your own transportation and for getting yourself there. The vehicle(s) you bring will be used to travel to and from the work sites each day. We recommend that you come with a group and that you invite at least one adult to come with you.