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SHINE COVID-19 Policies

As we begin to open back up and gather again, it is so important that we take all the necessary measurements to insure the health and safety of all our volunteers and staff.  Without these precautionary measures in place, SHINE will not be able to continue it's ministry of serving those in need. Below are our SHINE policies for those that are coming to a SHINE event. Due to the current state of the Delta Variant, these policies will stay in place until further notice.


Vaccine Policy

Now that a vaccine is here to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, we are asking out respect for one another, that If you have not been fully vaccinated, to please get tested before you come. If you test positive we ask that you do not travel with your group. It is important that we do our part to help eradicate this virus. If you have been fully vaccinated you are not asked to get tested.  

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Mask Policy

In order to keep everyone safe, we are asking that all volunteers that have not been fully vaccinated to please mask up while indoors at any of our events and while traveling in vehicles with others. If you are unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons please let us know in advance.


Social Distance Policy

Most SHINE events require people to gather in large numbers. So out of respect for one another and for the health and safety of those attending, we are asking that all participants use their best judgement in being in close contact with one another while indoors.

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