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About LHW.

LIGHTHOUSE WORSHIP was created for artists like the Leals who want to use their musical talents to bring others into a deeper relationship with Christ. Their target audience is High School and College students. They can do it all! from giving a high energy concert to leading praise and worship for a retreat, a mission week or a night of praise and Adoration. 

Even though LHW is something new to the ministry, it has been in the making for over 40 years.  What started out as a Lenten promise by its founder, Augie, to learn to play the guitar over 46 years ago has now become a mission for him and his family of amazing musicians and vocalists. Together with a few friends, they share their passion and love for Christ through music, songs and storytelling. 

Because of the pandemic and having to put a pause on their (music) ministry, the Leal family (Augie, Dawn, JaiMIchael, Allysa and Jordan) had to think outside of the box and find ways to continue sharing their gift of music.  With a little thinking (...ok alot of thinking) and some creativity, they were able to stream live from the confines of their living room to friends and family all over the world. 

And today, as things begin to reopen, they have began to play and sing again for events both locally and nationally. "it is our hope that through the power of music, we can be a beacon of light (thus the name) to a generation that seems to be caught up in so many things that are causing them to separate themselves from God and from one other"  Please join them in their mission of bringing HOPE, LOVE and MUSIC to everyone! 

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